Angel & Walt introduces ZimBusiness – an online platform to help business people


Angel & Walt, the specialists in helping businesses start and grow, today launched  ZimBusiness, a platform to help entrepreneurs, consultants, businesses and business people run and manage their businesses more professionally and easy, as part of the company’s continuing efforts to bring simple, safe and secure solutions to its customers.

ZimBusiness allows its users the ability to learn about doing business in Zimbabwe, that is, from planning your business to starting and managing the business as well as growing your business. Lack of such knowledge results in startup failure in most cases, hence the need for such a platform. The ZimBusiness platform covers the four stages in business.


The four stages in business


Design your business

At this initial stage you will learn how to design your business before starting. This includes everything such as preparing your business plans, planning your research and how to choose the business incorporation that will best suit your desire.

Start your business

After learning how to design your business before starting, you will learn how to launch your business. Particularly on how to get your first clients as well as how to successfully sell your products or offer your services.

Manage your business

You will gain an understanding on how to manage the human resources, marketing, information technology and finances of your business. Everything from planning your taxes, organizing your licences,controlling your legal compliance and accounting concerns as well as leading in your business policies.

Grow your business

At this stage you will become proficient on how to grow your business. All growth strategies such as scaling, inbound marketing, system automation and brand innovation.


ZimBusiness continues to focus on customer requirements

Today’s Zimbabwe needs business solutions that evolve with customer needs. It’s also important that those solutions ensure that your business operates well within the Zimbabwean environment. ZimBusiness also offers business plans for all lines of business in Zimbabwe.


How can the ZimBusiness platform help your business?

  • Access to business advice and articles.
  • Get access to several paid products for helping businesses.
  • Access to a Facebook business support group.
  • Access to online courses on various business topics.


Available membership levels

ZimBusiness is currently available to Free, Pro Gold and Platinum members.

The Pro Gold  and Platinum membership level gives you access to our more advanced content of more than 1,800 templates.  The templates include Job Descriptions, Memos, Plans, Worksheets, Press Releases, Policies, Agreements & Contracts, Proposals, Letters & Notices, Tests & Surveys, Invoices & Receipts, Meeting Minutes, Board Resolutions, Business Forms, Spreadsheets, Guides and Checklists


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